Just Another Unknown Virus

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Well, I have spent the past couple of days sick. I started having a sore throat a few days ago but yesterday I woke up and it felt as though it were on fire. I felt like I was getting strep which would make sense because it has been going around work. So I went to the walk-in before work and my culture came back as negative. I went to work but then started vomiting. (Vomiting is a really weird experience when its not forced.) I went home and had all the wonderful effects of a stomach flu. I know I had a high fever because I had the worst vivid nightmares, I would wake up disoriented and my sheets would be soaked from sweat. I could barely move because my head throbbed so bad and my body ached. I also had a weird rash on my arms and legs. When I ate I kept choking because my throat was that swollen. This morning I still felt my head throbbing and my body still hurt but coffee and a shower seemed to help. I had a weird green phlegm like vomit but then after that my stomach settled down. I took Bailey to the park so we could get some fresh air for an hour and since then we have just been resting all day. My headache has pretty much subsided, only if there is pressure on it does it hurt such as bending over. My body still feels drained but its better than being in pain. My throat isn’t as closed up and thats nice.The doctor said they haven’t really been able to catch a break this winter and spring between strep, mono, flus, and just random unknown viral infections. Our weird cold spells just keep making people sick I guess. I still feel weird.

I cannot really keep my thoughts in check. I keep thinking about all my dreams I had. They were the vivid kind that had the different sensory in them. They seemed so real. I wonder if I really will get dementia sooner. I am going to just relax tonight and cuddle with the boys. It was a beautiful day but the light hurt my eyes. I feel like a vampire. I feel myself wanting to sink in depressive moods, that seems very easy to do when I am sick. I don’t want to get that low though so I think I will watch a comedy. Well, have a good night everyone, I hope everyone is feeling better than me.

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