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Exhausted! X_X


I have had a very busy past few days. Saturday I spent with my daughter and her parents and we went to the zoo and Costco. Sunday we saw Halestorm. I was right in front against the gate. I got a guitar pick from Joe Hottinger. Palaye Royale was their opening band, they were a GREAT opener. I would pay to see them again. It was great to see Lzzy Hale so close up, there were so many times that her new album kept me going these past few months, especially Vicious.


Bailey and I have been going to the dog park more often now that I have a reliable and safe car to get us to the park. He is starting to play with other pups more. When he is at daycare he plays but when I am around he stays near me, he’s such a mommas boy. Fat Louie and Mr. Cooper are doing well. Coops is still a troublemaker and Louie still just loves to eat and cuddle.

My mind is exhausted. I am exhausted. It’s been a busy few days. It feels good though. I am watching the new Ted Bundy movie on Netflix with Zac Efron, it’s pretty good. I have homemade soup boiling, it’s been chilly lately. I see my personal trainer in the morning. I told her I want her to kill my legs and abs. I love the pain, it’s a good pain, but its addicting. I do need to eat better. I enjoyed too much junkfood on the way to Bismarck and too much beer at the concert. It wasn’t like I got wasted or anything but it definitely made me bloated. It’s okay, it was a great weekend and well worth it. 🙂

Everyone have a good night 🙂

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