So, I did something…

“Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through”


Ok, so this wasn’t really a manic splurge or anything, my other car was starting to have a lot of weird issues. When I was researching up more about my old car I realized that once it got to 50k miles it was literally DOWNHILL for so many people. Apparently it was the only line of car made because of all the problems. The way it was described to me was some new hotrod engineer probably came up with GRAND ideas that WEREN’T so grand. I can’t really afford to shell out thousands of dollars on demand to fix malfunctions sooo…I decided to trade it in while it was still worth something. And actually, I still got 6k for it which Kelly bluebook figured it to be $6,040. So I feel good about the trade. The only issue now is my last payment was $197 a month and now my payment is $441….I wan’t to cry from happiness yet pain from knowing how tighter bills are going to get. I had planned to eventually buy a new vehicle, I just wanted to wait a few more months, I planned to have something by next winter but with the car issues I was starting to see I knew I couldn’t take the chance of something happening and my car be worth as much as scrap metal and still having four years to pay on it.

Anyways, it is a 2017 Ford Explorer, Titanium colored. I named it Stormy.  I love it so much. It is SO SAFE! I wanted something very safe and reliable in case there was ever an emergency and I needed to pick up my daughter and also because I drive Bailey around (he wears doggy seat belts with a harness in the back) and just because I like to be safe too. It has a little over 30k miles so it has been broken in. It is full of sensors and airbags. What I dig the most is I no longer have to hook my phone up to listen to music because of the bluetooth. People cannot steal my gas because it has a special gasket, for some reason when the sales guy told me this I thought of people huffing gas in the villages. There is a lot more to this car too, but in the end it has taken the stress off of having an unreliable car and I love feeling safe.

So my personal training went amazing yesterday. It has actually been going very well lately. I had an extra training session yesterday since we are going to Halestorm on Sunday and I didn’t want to be getting up at 4 am to go to the gym since we are not getting back till after midnight. When we were talking about what day I would like next week (I have two days a week) she said I had an extra day so if I would like to come in Monday that could work too. I am taking Monday off and I have been wanting to do kickboxing so I will be doing that one on one with her later in the morning, I am so excited! She said in the past 2-3 weeks I have been amazing, it’s like I just one day wanted to change and did. She said my form has been amazing and she can see major improvement, even with the way I hold myself and just my body health in general. This was really good to hear. I think it all started with me finishing up my book, I had to remind myself how far I have come when life seemed to be getting overwhelming again. I know I have been pushing myself harder (IT FEELS GREAT!) and I know that I am feeling so good body wise, even when my knees and back are acting up, it’s not as bad as before. I feel myself getting stronger.

So I have been in the process of cutting unnecessary bills. I have no reason to pay sixteen dollars for Netflix anymore. That will be over at the end of the month. I got my Verizon bill lowered about 20-30 dollars via work discount, a 10 dollar discount they gave me, and taking the insurance off my apple watch (I end up paying more for the insurance that what the watch is worth anyways). Bailey and I may be going to dog parks a lot more or walks since I may have to cut back on his daycare for the next month or two. It is a bummer. I have debating putting my personal trainer on hold since thats $260 a month but I really do not think that would be good for my health or recovery. I have been getting such a euphoria from working out and pushing myself, I can’t allow that to change. I have been thinking of doing a clinical trial study. I know I have never been able to do it before, it freaks me out to have things ingested that I don’t know what the side effects are. I may have no choice at this point though.

I received my paperback version copy of my book yesterday. It is beautiful. Also, I changed the cover page for my original kindle version. I wanted something more dreamlike.

Well, I should probably get to work. It’s a beautiful gloomy day, I enjoy it today. Well, have a good day everyone. 🙂

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