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Keeping My Head Up

It sucks when you no longer find the fulfillment in a workplace because of mismanagement. It’s depressing to even come here. I have been trying to switch departments but with the cluster-fuck that happened and “miscommunication” of my manager, I am fairly certain I will not be accepted anywhere since I was written up by HR. All I did was give a shit about those we serve, oh well. There is nothing I can do but come to work and hope for the best. I feel like every other average worker these days. I need to stop caring so much about helping people, or I guess caring about those that are able to help people, I don’t know. It’s bullshit. In the perfect world I could just be a privileged college kid who’s primary focus is school. I could just be a normal student for once. Well, I cannot be, I have to pay bills.

Speaking of such, I have mentioned that I have a tuition waiver for NDSU. The issue I am running into however is that they don’t really offer a psychology degree online, many of the classes have to be done in class. It just so happens professors work the same hours that I do so it is a very conflicting schedule. I am taking four classes this fall semester that will count towards my electives and requirements, but I am already starting the year behind because three of them are electives rather than the requirements that other students in my class will be taking. I could always transfer to UND in Spring since they offer online classes, the problem is I do not have the tuition scholarship there. I am really trying not to think about the situation for work and school, I am just hoping for a really good opportunity to come along work wise that can work perfectly with school.

My legs are feeling yesterday, it’s a good ache though. I went to the gym this morning but my stupid headphones decided to give out on me. I cannot really have a good cardio workout without music blasting in my ears, I need the music to escape from my mind. Tomorrow I see my PT again so Thursday my arms will be whats sore, I like the pain though.

I am trying to get a lot more fluids in me. I have recently been having a lot more issues with swelling in my legs. I contribute this to always sitting on my ass all day since eighty percent of my workload has been taken from me. I have cut back a lot on drinking as well since that was just adding up carbs and sodium and would work against the hydration. I see some positive results but I think as long as I have a job where I am on my ass all day the effects will still be there. I am trying to walk around more but when work makes you feel miserable it’s hard to want to do anything. I am not sure how much longer I have here if no other departments will accept me due to “miscommunication”. I really am hoping for the best.

IMG_1026 (1)

I still love La Croix’s….like seriously, Grapefruit is my new favorite flavor. No sodium, no sugar, no carbs, just pure perfection.


It has been very gloomy lately; cold, wet, overcast, the air smells like dog shit and construction. It’s kinda the smell all over town, like when the clouds just keep everything masked in. I boiled chicken all day Sunday and than made it into a yummy soup yesterday. I bought a new spice rack so I was very happy to have Rosemary again. I used a lot of seasonings in this soup, very low carb, high protein, and a power meal full of vitamins and minerals. It was delicious and made my tummy nice and warm.

ALSO, I can’t believe I ever saw myself as “so fat!” as a letter carrier. I was roughly 130 pounds here, but my legs were pure muscle so that added weight. I was wearing layered clothes here because the temps were sub-zero and my uniform was still baggy! Like I have two layers of pants on here and the thigh portion of my legs were literally twice the size because I have a rectangle figure. So so dumb, my hip bones easily showed underneath as well as my ribs, and I still wanted to lose another twenty pounds. Ugh!


Well, I do not have much more to write about this morning. I am trying to keep my head up but it does suck lately. Also, as for my book, the kindle version is officially $5.99

and the paper back is $8.99


For some reason they are not connected on Amazon. Also, I am not sure if people who click Facebook links can write reviews since Amazon doesn’t allow friends or family to review, so I found GoodReads that will allow


So please review! 🙂 

Well, my coffee mug is empty so I think I will go fill it. If anyone has any ideas of how to promote my book further I would love to hear it. I have been getting quite a few likes on FB from advertising in San Francisco, New York, Orlando, and Chicago (I wanted high populated areas to reach further). Those advertisements should be ending in the next few days. My free book promo ended at midnight last night. So yeah, if anyone has good ideas, let me know 🙂 Well, have a good day peeps.

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