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I officially have the paperback version available for my novel.

I am kind of wondering if I am overhyping this book, maybe it’s not really that special. Everyone has shit in their lives. Considering half the worlds population is engulfed in poverty I imagine most of that deals with some sort of abuse, whether it be witnessing or experiencing. Granted, I was never in the “poverty” of lets say Haiti but we were by no means privileged either. I suppose this book isn’t all about just abuse though either, it’s about the overwhelming pressure society puts on women to be perfect as well. I guess it’s not even just limited to that, its also all the media we have coming at us that convinces us the only way to experience emotions is through materialism, booze, food, and technology. People seem to forget we are still animals but we are animals so disconnected from this planet. So much disconnection with higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. So I guess maybe my book is just the product of the mind that is able to tell what happens to the brain as it’s slowly dying? I don’t really know what to think now, the excitement for it is gone and it’s more like what did I do?

On a side note:

I am running a FREE BOOK PROMO for today 28Apr2019 and tomorrow 29Apr2019 for the kindle version. All that I ask is you give it honest reviews on Amazon and refer it. I am not sure exactly to whom to refer, I mean I can say the emotionally and mentally pained, but it’s not a story of hope really, it’s just reality. Sometimes reality is easier to handle though when you know there is someone who understands the pain.


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