So bare with me because  I honestly have no idea what I am doing. I am trying to find ways to advertise my novel because it makes sense I want to make some money off of it. I have created a Facebook page:

I guess @UnbreakableKitten is my new username, I suppose thats a good. Feel free to like and share it 🙂

So for my novel I am creating a paperback version as well. It will be $8.99 and available on Amazon as well. I am doing a paper version because it feels more concrete. I know I would want a paperback version for myself so I am thinking maybe a couple others would too. If its only available on Kindle than all it would take is a solar flare to wipe out technology for my novel to no longer exist. I am trying to stop that type of thinking though. There is no real reason for me to always be prepared for the worst to happen, I mean there is, but not to let it make me as anxious and depressed as I used to. Eventually it becomes illogical.

Anyways, I mainly wanted to inform my readers that in case you were wanting to purchase my book but wanted a paperback version it will be available soon hopefully. Whats sad is I am already bored with the book, UGH, I know it is good because everyone keeps telling me that, like my daughters mom says, I just get bored with the old. Except its TWO DAYS OLD.

Oh well, this isn’t actually like a life update post, I may still post later. I have sausage cooking so I am going to go enjoy some breakfast.

Also, when one author asks another author to read their book in return the other author needs to read the others book, who knew? So I have not yet started on this, I plan to today, but in case any of my readers are interested as well.


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